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Blockchain Solutions For Cybersecurity: How Blockchain Technology Can Make Cybersecurity More Secure And Powerful?

Blockchain Solutions For Cybersecurity: How Blockchain Technology Can Make Cybersecurity More Secure And Powerful? With the increasing complexity and intensity of cyber attacks in the present day, cybersecurity has emerged as a critical issue. When faced with these obstacles, traditional cybersecurity methods frequently prove inadequate. Primarily, blockchain functions as a distributed, decentralised ledger that keeps […]

4 months ago
Germany lost 92% of the web3 jobs this year, LinkedIn data reveals

As 2023 comes to a close, the landscape of web3 jobs has undergone significant shifts. Bitcoin-mentioning jobs are down 95%, crypto jobs are cut by 90%, and blockchain jobs are cut by half. At a country level, Germany has seen the biggest fall from 1st to 9th place globally while losing 92% of the web3 […]

4 months ago
Are patents important in the crypto industry?

Patents meet blockchain In general, patents‘ role in protecting innovations cannot be understated. They provide a legal framework that allows inventors to protect their intellectual property, preventing others from using, selling, or manufacturing their inventions without permission. This protection encourages innovation by ensuring inventors reap the rewards of their creativity and hard work. In the […]

8 months ago
Europe: The Epicenter of the Blockchain Job Market

The rapid rise of blockchain technology has fostered a significant demand for specialists in the field worldwide. Yet, it is Europe that stands out as the epicenter of blockchain-related job opportunities. With a commanding 67.8% of the total global blockchain jobs, Europe far outpaces other regions in the blockchain job market. But what makes Europe […]

10 months ago
Ireland and the World – a crypto and blockchain assessment

Blockchain development continues strongly around the world Much has happened in the crypto space over the past three years. Including serious bitcoin price falls (notably during 2022), easing of crypto expectations, greater understanding of crypto from governments, continuing crypto fraud stories, exchange negligence, and lack of consumer regulation continue to be a brake on the […]

11 months ago

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