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    Crypto Exchange Visitors 2023

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      Database Crypto Exchange Traffic Per Country 2023

      Crypto exchange - Traffic share per country 2023
      Crypto exchange – Traffic share per country 2023

      Market Overview

      Binance’s market monarchy has been challenged in 2023. And it is not only due to regulatory bodies like the SEC but also by an onslaught of exchanges, each vying for their piece of the pie.

      Geographical data of traffic share and visitors reveals varied engagement levels by country and exchange:

      • Binance and Coinbase emerge as the top players, with Binance leading with over 1 billion visits and Coinbase following with 549 million.
      • Coinbase attracted over 50% of the US traffic share.
      • The US leads in traffic to cryptocurrency exchanges, followed by IndiaIndonesia, and Turkey.
      • North America and Europe showing high per capita visits. At the same time, Asia & Pacific dominate overall traffic.

      What’s included in the Database

      The database has 12,175 lines and provides the traffic per country in 2023 for the top 100 Crypto Exchanges globally

      Format: Excel, Airtable, Google Sheets

      Included tabs in the database

      • Data All – Semrush
      • Exchanges HQ
      • Legality per Country – Wikipedia
      • Region Pivot – Coincub
      • Calculations – Coincub
      • Map – Coincub
      • Population
      • List – Semrush

      Main data on Crypto Exchanges

      • Exchange Website
      • Country
      • Traffic Share
      • Total Visits 2023
      • Unique Visitors
      • Desktop Share
      • Mobile Share
      • Pages / Visit
      • Avg. Visit Duration
      • Bounce Rate


      screenshot airtable
      Screenshot Airtable


      Crypto Exchanges 2023
      Crypto Exchanges Traffic Per Country 2023
      Crypto Exchanges Visitors 2023
      Crypto Exchanges Visitors 2023



      Our primary aim was to shed some light on which exchanges were driving significant traffic in various regions and identify the top contributors to the crypto market.

      • Selected top exchanges from CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, focusing on those with the highest trading volumes in both spot and DEX categories. This provided the initial list of 100+ significant players in the market.
      • Focused on ‘Visits’ as our core metric for evaluating user traffic. We utilized Semrush for an initial analysis of web traffic and user engagement, offering insights into the actual usage of these platforms. Our findings were then validated using SimilarWeb.
      • Referred to expert insights and industry reports to check the data.

      Disclosure: Semrush traffic data is not a precise way to measure the market share of crypto exchanges. This traffic data shows country-wise crypto exchange visitors but doesn’t reflect other metrics like profits or market share. It was intended to assess the country’s crypto-friendliness rather than exchange revenue or legal status per country.

      Return and Refund Policy

      Due to the digital nature of our products, all sales of Excel databases are considered final and non-refundable once the download link has been provided to the customer. This is due to the nature of downloadable goods, which cannot be returned like physical goods. We strongly advise all customers to review the product description and previews carefully before finalizing their purchase. Please read our T&Cs for further details.

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