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No more manual payments on Web3: VISA’s solution for automated transactions on Ethereum

VISA is taking steps to make it easier for people to make automatic payments using self-custodial wallets, which are digital wallets that a user has full control over and can access using their own private keys. Currently, it can be difficult to set up automated payments on blockchain networks like Ethereum, but VISA is working […]

2 months ago
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A shift is underway in the global distribution of crypto nodes

1. France and Germany crackdown on bitcoin nodes in Q3 2022 The health of most blockchains relies on the diversity and number of their nodes. Fewer nodes mean that a network is easier to overrun and take control of. Geographically concentrated nodes mean that governmental bodies can assert control over a blockchain, such as in […]

4 months ago
Top ten ways to earn cryptocurrency right now’s latest ranking shows you the top ten ways to earn cryptocurrency…interested? Buying cryptocurrency is simple, but what about earning it? As the crypto industry develops, more and more people are eager to get compensated in cryptocurrency for their work. We look at the top ten best ways you can currently earn cryptocurrency – and […]

5 months ago
Beginner’s guide to Ethereum (ETH) and the Merge

Investing in cryptocurrency can be hard enough, and understanding the technical parts of blockchain technology can be even harder – but it’s not impossible! In this beginner’s guide to Ethereum, you’ll learn everything you need to know about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology before investing in ether and tokens. You’ll learn how Ethereum works, how you […]

5 months ago
The best crypto exchange apps for September 2022

What’s the best crypto exchange app? This list answers that question, explaining everything you need to know about top crypto exchanges, and the most popular cryptocurrency exchange apps available today. Keep reading to learn how you can get started trading on one of these apps today.  What is cryptocurrency trading? Cryptocurrency trading is defined as […]

5 months ago
How does cryptocurrency gain value?

Cryptocurrency can appreciate when traded on an exchange. It all depends on market conditions to make the price go up. So, how does cryptocurrency gain value? The amount of cryptocurrency available on the market is dependent on new coin creation and the number of current holders who will sell. Many other things impact a cryptocurrency’s […]

5 months ago
How to buy bitcoin in France in 2022

Bonjour! Find the best way to buy bitcoin in France with a variety of methods. Read this guide now to find out where to buy bitcoin in France. How to buy bitcoin in France in 2022 France is a leading European and global economy. You could say the country is well above its peers in […]

6 months ago
5 top crypto to buy in 2022 before market recovers – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Cardano and Dogecoin

Before you dive in, this is not financial advice. We are just trying to answer the question of what is the best cryptocurrency to invest in in 2022. This usually raises usually some eyebrows, especially during a market downturn. But it might be the best moment to buy some stuff on the cheap. Nobody knows […]

6 months ago
Why crypto market is down today: August 2022

It is not only in the crypto scene that things look wobbly. The world is in dire straits as inflation soars, recession looms, interest rate spikes, stock markets collapse, and living costs bite hard. All this adds up to a full-fledged bear market, marred with declining economic growth and continuous crypto market crashing.  Why is […]

6 months ago
Bitcoin: the good, the bad, and the ugly

The good Deflationary Inflation, or the decline in the purchasing power of most currencies, is something we’re all unfortunately familiar with. Over time, the same amount of money tends to buy less and less. One of the reasons people are so excited about Bitcoin is because it is billed as a deflationary currency. With only […]

8 months ago

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