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      Virtual or Digital Asset Service Providers known as VASPs or DASPs are companies able to conduct cryptocurrency transactions, including custodial services, and the provision of crypto wallets, and payments which very much dictate the level of cryptocurrency adoption within any country. Money Transmitters, some of which are able to transmit crypto are not strictly speaking VASPs and the index attempts to distinguish between the two.

      The report gathered data on VASP and DASP licenses from public websites of financial regulators. Here are key insights

      • Binance leads with most cryptocurrency registrations in 14 out of a total of 39 countries, followed by Coinbase (12), eToro (9) and Bitstamp (8).
      • Major VASPs have limited licensing agreements in many economies
      • Europe dominates global crypto licensing with 1577 licenses granted across 20 countries
      • Canada has the highest number of crypto-licensed companies, followed by Lithuania
      • 39 countries provide a specific crypto license (VASP or DASP)
      • Over 3000 companies have a crypto license
      • 64 companies have crypto licenses in two or more countries
      • Only 9 companies are registered in five or more countries with a crypto license

      Naming of VASP registration


      Understanding global players in Crypto Licencing

      Understanding the key players in cryptocurrency licensing
      Understanding the key players in cryptocurrency licensing

      Format of the Database: XLSX

      Form: Download

      Fields: Entity, Company, Main Crypto Licence Type, Regulating Entity, Country, Region

      Total Rows: 3,075

      Updated: March 2023

      ISBN: 9781234567897

      *Notice: Australia’s AUSTRAC does not make the number of registered VASPs public, only 5 companies are listed in the Database



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