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Crypto regulation in Q1 2023: What to expect

Hey Coincubs! 2023 is going to be a wild ride. Just make sure you buckle up because most countries are steaming ahead with cryptocurrency regulation. Following the crash of FTX, Terraform Labs, and Celsius last year, jittery governments are belatedly jumping into action to create effective regulations that are crucial for the mainstream adoption of […]

4 weeks ago
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A shift is underway in the global distribution of crypto nodes

1. France and Germany crackdown on bitcoin nodes in Q3 2022 The health of most blockchains relies on the diversity and number of their nodes. Fewer nodes mean that a network is easier to overrun and take control of. Geographically concentrated nodes mean that governmental bodies can assert control over a blockchain, such as in […]

4 months ago
How to create an NFT work of art in 6 easy steps

If you are an ‘investor’ looking to get a fast return then you are about one year late. But if you are interested in art and the web3 potential of NFTs, and the role they might play then you probably have the interest to read on. Regular auction houses like Christie’s have held NFT art […]

5 months ago
Top ten ways to earn cryptocurrency right now’s latest ranking shows you the top ten ways to earn cryptocurrency…interested? Buying cryptocurrency is simple, but what about earning it? As the crypto industry develops, more and more people are eager to get compensated in cryptocurrency for their work. We look at the top ten best ways you can currently earn cryptocurrency – and […]

5 months ago
Beginner’s guide to Ethereum (ETH) and the Merge

Investing in cryptocurrency can be hard enough, and understanding the technical parts of blockchain technology can be even harder – but it’s not impossible! In this beginner’s guide to Ethereum, you’ll learn everything you need to know about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology before investing in ether and tokens. You’ll learn how Ethereum works, how you […]

5 months ago
The best crypto exchange apps for September 2022

What’s the best crypto exchange app? This list answers that question, explaining everything you need to know about top crypto exchanges, and the most popular cryptocurrency exchange apps available today. Keep reading to learn how you can get started trading on one of these apps today.  What is cryptocurrency trading? Cryptocurrency trading is defined as […]

5 months ago
How does cryptocurrency gain value?

Cryptocurrency can appreciate when traded on an exchange. It all depends on market conditions to make the price go up. So, how does cryptocurrency gain value? The amount of cryptocurrency available on the market is dependent on new coin creation and the number of current holders who will sell. Many other things impact a cryptocurrency’s […]

5 months ago
Where next for bitcoin

Events happen rapidly in the world of cryptocurrency. According to the Coincub crypto rankings for 2022 Q2, Germany and USA hit the top spot as the world’s most crypto-friendly countries with Pakistan and China sliding in the opposite direction following respective tightening on crypto regulation.  Now, in the space of a couple of months, Russia […]

5 months ago
What is the place of DeFi in the cryptoverse? The next stage in crypto’s evolution

This year, there has been plenty of talk about DeFi in the crypto space but what is DeFi’s role in the cryptoeconomy? In this article, you will find out all about the term and how it fits into the wider blockchain universe and how it fits in the wider financial industry. In 2008, the world’s […]

5 months ago
Granit Academy on the way to becoming one of the biggest influencers in the crypto Industry

Granit Academy is climbing the ladder of success by being a powerful and confident voice in the turmoil of the cryptocurrency industry. Unlike persons in the industry that are finding their way through the recent exploration of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, Granit Academy has quite the experience as can be witnessed by the several milestones reached […]

5 months ago

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