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    Crypto Banks Database 2024

    Crypto Banks Database 2024
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      Crypto Banking Database 2024

      You should buy this database if you are:

      • Financial Analyst: Gain in-depth insights into crypto banking trends to inform your market analyses and investment recommendations.
      • Investor: Identify high-potential investment opportunities in the burgeoning field of crypto banking.
      • Crypto Entrepreneur: Understand competitive landscapes and regulatory environments to strategically position your startup.
      • Banking Executive: Stay informed on the latest developments in crypto banking to guide strategic planning and innovation initiatives.
      • Regulatory Bodie: Access comprehensive data to monitor and adapt to the evolving landscape of crypto banking.

      Why you should buy this data:

      • Comprehensive Coverage: Includes data on over 130 crypto banks worldwide, detailing their services, market strategies, and regulatory statuses.
      • Up-to-date Information: Provides the latest 2024 insights into market trends, regulatory changes, and technological advancements in crypto banking.
      • Actionable Insights: Tailored analytics to help stakeholders make informed decisions and capitalize on emerging opportunities.
      • User-Friendly Format: It is an easy-to-navigate format with filters and search functionalities to find specific data points quickly.
      • Exclusive Data: Access unique metrics such as market performance, investment flows, and innovation scores unavailable elsewhere.
      • Regular Updates: Ensures you receive the most current data, with updates as new information becomes available.
      Sam McQuade, CEO - Panterra Finance
      Sam McQuade, CEO – Panterra Finance
      “Europe is at the forefront of crypto banking. Places like Switzerland and Liechtenstein distinguish themselves by their proactive approach to regulation and an environment conducive to growth. The continent’s clear regulatory pathways and supportive ecosystem foster a thriving market for crypto services, setting a benchmark for global standards. European banks and financial institutions are increasingly recognizing the strategic importance of integrating crypto services, underpinning Europe’s position as a bastion of crypto innovation.”
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      Crypto Banking Map 2024

      Lory Kehoe, Lory Kehoe, Chair of Blockchain Ireland

      Lory Kehoe, Chair of Blockchain Ireland

      “The Crypto Bank Report 2024 provides an important record of the major trends that are affecting so many areas of business. The evidence and analysis of increasing institutional interest in areas such as blockchain, DeFi, stablecoins and tokenization is invaluable to organizations looking to embrace these developments as part of their ongoing innovation and transformation efforts.”

      The evolving landscape of crypto banking in 2024 underscores the strategic necessity for forward-thinking financial brands to adapt and innovate. As regulations continue to develop and global adoption of cryptocurrencies increases, there is an unprecedented opportunity for businesses to tap into new markets and demographics. The rise in institutional interest and advancements in decentralized finance (DeFi) are signaling a shift towards more sophisticated, blockchain-based financial services.

      Crypto Banking Report 2023

      Konstantin Shulga, CEO @ Finery Markets

      A renewed spate of interest surrounding digital assets is currently leading to a closer connection between the blockchain economy and traditional finance. However, the fragmented nature of the crypto market presents challenges in terms of making it more accessible for investment and banking institutions. As an ECN serving clients in 30 countries, we are seeing a growing interest in capitalizing on this momentum. Still, there is also a demand for more institutionalized and matured services from crypto-native infrastructure. This report improves the connection between crypto and traditional banking services.

      Simon Ousager, co CEO and Founder at Januar

      Simon Ousager, co-CEO and Founder at Januar
      Today traditional banks are gatekeepers, blaming their reluctance to onboard Web3 companies as clients on high risk and KYC/AML regulations. At Januar, we’re witnessing a much-needed shift where crypto firms are on the brink of fair treatment in banking and financial services. It’s not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when.’ Digital assets and decentralized transactions are faster and more cost-effective, transforming how value moves globally. With MiCA’s regulatory clarity, banks and fintechs can embrace this change more easily. We’re optimistic about the imminent shift and committed to making fiat-to-crypto experiences smoother for businesses worldwide.
      Crypto banking services 2024
      Crypto banking services 2024

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      Fields: Bank, Category, Region, Country, City, Headquarters Founded Website Employees Cat Employees Revenue Market Cap Market Cap Target Clients Cryptocurrencies Fiat supported,
      Crypto licenses VASP, Banking Licences, Money Transmitter or E-Money Licences, Pricing Plans, Crypto Fees, Invoicing service, Payment Processing Services, Cards, API, Insurance Coverage,  Interest on savings, Crypto Trading,
      Crypto Custody Services, Crypto Staking Services, Stablecoin Stage, Crypto ETFs, Tokenization Services, Category Crypto & Blockchain Services, Person in charge of Blockchain, Position, LinkedIn Profile, Email, Observations

      Total Rows: 134


      Asia Japan
      South Korea
      Europe United Kingdom
      Middle East United Arab Emirates
      North America United States
      South and Central America Brazil
      Puerto Rico
      El Salvador


      Partners and Collaborators

        • Myles Harrison, Chief Product Officer at Amina Bank
        • Lory Kehoe, Chair of Blockchain Ireland
        • Kaushik Sthankiya, Global Head, Banking & Payments Kraken 
        • Konstantin Shulga, CEO Finery Markets
        • Selva Ozelli Esq., CPA author of ‘Sustainably Investing in Digital Asset Globally
        • Sam McQuade, Founder/CEO Panterra Finance
        • Sasha DiMarsico – Chief Communications Officer & Co-founder Banxe
        • Victor Egoavil, CoFounder and CEO AgenteBtc
        • Sergey Klinkov, Managing Director for Brand and Strategy Finery Markets
        • Simon Ousager, co-CEO and Founder Januar
        • Sam Shrager, Executive Director, Marketing & Communications BCB Group
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