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Best countries for cryptocurrency regulation around the world

Is cryptocurrency regulated? Yes, in some places. There’s a lot of debate surrounding cryptocurrency regulation around the world and it is largely about whether to embrace cryptocurrency or attack it. The skyrocketing value of crypto is now worth trillions of dollars. It is a key driver for legislative pushes to regulate cryptocurrency. And the growing […]

3 months ago
Crypto communism – Not for the people?

In many countries, the uptake of cryptocurrency and the Blockchain has been fast and extremely popular. Around the world, the increase in crypto adoption between 2012 and 2021 was considerable, sending the price of Bitcoin up by 540,000% in this time period. However, the same has not been true in communist countries, such as Russia […]

5 months ago
Crypto TaxRegulation
The UK’s love and hate relationship with crypto

UK’s crypto ambitions Recent reports of the death of crypto appear to be greatly exaggerated, especially in the UK where, despite dire warnings of a crypto meltdown, the banning of Bitcoin ATMs, and the Bank of England’s indifference to CBDC, the Government now wants to power ahead and develop the UK as a leading crypto-financial community. […]

5 months ago
Portugal’s new dawn on crypto trading

Summary Portugal to lose tax haven status under new tax rules Portugal’s first crypto license is given to Bison Bank Pioneer bitcoin-purchase home Portugal has witnessed a meteoric rise in crypto trading popularity in the past couple of months. An influx of Bitcoin families and incredible growth in the Bitcoin-run real estate industry speak volumes. […]

5 months ago
President Biden’s executive order and what happens now

Summary President Biden’s executive order paves the way for full integration of crypto into the US financial system The SEC has promised greater crackdowns on crypto exchange noncompliance Thanks to the new infrastructure bill, crypto exchanges need to notify the IRS of transactions As the stablecoin economy crumbles, Treasury secretary Janet Yellen pushes for further […]

5 months ago
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How is crypto taxed in the United States

When cryptocurrency was in its infancy, there were very few rules around how it should be taxed or whether it should be taxed at all. The concept of cryptocurrency taxes didn’t really exist at the beginning. Indeed, there were a number of investors and traders who started trading for this very reason. Now, however, as […]

5 months ago
The Grim Reapers come for Do Kwon – South Korea’s month in regulation

Summary New president Yoon Seok-yeol is implementing crypto-friendly legislation A leaked draft summary of the Digital Asset Basic Act (DABA) is a promising development for South Korea’s crypto industry Terra founder Do Kwon faces pressure from all sides as South Korean tax authorities hit him with a $78 million tax bill DABA: a new era […]

5 months ago
United Arab Emirates crypto adoption

How has crypto been adopted in the UAE? Summary: – UAE has an investment tax rate of 0%, including cryptocurrency – Differing Regulations in the Dubai International Financial Centre and the Abu Dhabi Global Market – How to set up an OCAB in the UAE – How will you be taxed? – The future of […]

5 months ago
Germany’s crypto scene is on fire

Despite a fast-paced economy and well-thought financial regulations, Germany had previously dawdled around crypto regulations until recently. However, the shift from crypto cynicism to a thriving gusto did not come overnight. Instead, it has been a whirlwind of activities through several challenges as the fourth-largest economy in the world bent some rules. Thanks to recent […]

5 months ago
Will crypto rise again, ‘down-under’?

Australia makes new recommendations in 2022 Australia, a Coincub ‘Top Five’ crypto economy, is making key recommendations in 2022 to regulate the industry and make crypto trading safer and less volatile – but after the recent Tether meltdown, how easily will confidence in crypto return? Shockwaves hit Australia in May as Tether, a leading stablecoin, […]

5 months ago

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