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    How does Uphold compare on features?

    How does Uphold compare on features?
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      Uphold, eToro, and Revolut employ different fee structures based on their various user needs. Uphold offers investment products quite related to eToro and Revolut.  

      Uphold fees range between 0.65% and 3.95%. Revolut charges a fee of 1.99% while eToro charges a flat fee of 1%. 

      From the look, Uphold fees are higher than Revolut’s while eToro fees are the lowest. This shows that Uphold fees are competitive, and tailored to their users’ needs.

      Features overview for Uphold

      • Trading platform

      Uphold is a multi-asset trading platform that enables buying and selling of varied assets.

      • Cryptocurrencies supported

      Uphold offers a diverse variety of offerings. It supports 260+ cryptocurrencies, 30+ staking coins, 35+ national currencies, 50+ stocks, and four precious metals, providing an alternative investment class not commonly found on other crypto platforms.

      • EARN feature

      Uphold offers an EARN service that enables users to earn rewards on their crypto holdings. The feature provides an opportunity to passively generate extra income by participating in activities like lending and staking.

      • Staking feature

      Uphold offers staking services that allow users to earn interest. You can stake certain crypto coins in your portfolio and earn incentives for helping strengthen the security of their respective blockchain networks. 

      • DeFi Wallet Features

      Uphold provides a DeFi wallet that allows users to earn interest on their crypto holdings. Uphold integrated its DeFi wallets with Compound, a DeFi lending platform. Users can earn interest on their crypto holdings by lending them to the Compound platform.

      • Supported Wallets

      Uphold allows users to connect their accounts with various types of wallets (hardware wallets or mobile wallets) for convenience. You can connect your Uphold account to popular hardware wallets (like Ledger, Trezor, and others) or major mobile wallets (like Coinbase Wallet, Trust Wallet, and others).

      • The Uphold Crypto Card

      Uphold issues MasterCard crypto reward cards that enable users to spend investments in their account. Customers enjoy zero foreign transaction fees using this card and 2% cashback in XRP on national currency expenditures.

      Side by side comparison between Uphold, eToro and Revolut

      Uphold, eToro, and Revolut serve different user needs in the digital asset market.

      eToro is a platform for users looking to invest in a broader variety of financial assets, including stocks, ETFs, CFDs, and digital currencies. The platform is specifically designed to suit the needs of advanced traders.

      Revolut is a platform providing trading on stocks, precious metals, and cryptocurrencies. The platform offers a more beginner and simpler-friendly approach to investing in such financial products.

      Uphold stands out because it’s recognized as a major alternative for users who prefer easy trading between different asset classes or for those who frequently purchase and trade cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. It’s also a good choice for people wanting to invest in precious metals.

      The figure below shows that Uphold is a platform of choice for those looking to buy precious metals and trade crypto and national currencies. 

      Types of assets Uphold eToro Revolut
      National currencies 35+ 20+ 30+
      Cryptocurrencies 260+ 80+ 100+
      Precious metals Four precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, and palladium) 0 0
      Stocks 50+ 3000+ 2200+
      ETFs 0 263+ 150+
      CFDs 0 3000+ 0
      The US Yes Yes Yes
      The UK and Europe Yes Yes Yes
      Africa Yes Yes Yes
      ASIA Yes Yes Yes
      Trustpilot (out of 5) 3.3 4.3 4.2

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