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    Bitget’s Vision and Strategy: Expanding Horizons in Crypto and Web3

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      The following is an interview with Bitget, the leading crypto exchange:

      Where do you see the Bitget exchange in the near future?

      Our recent goal is to become one of the top three cryptocurrency exchanges in the next three to five years. Looking ahead, Bitget is committed to strengthening and innovating its product offerings, as well as promoting wider adoption of cryptocurrency trading around the world, becoming a bridge connecting CeFi and DeFi.
      Our vision is to create user-centric products that grant everyone equal access to a blockchain-based future. And to this vision, Bitget‘s mission is to inspire individuals to embrace crypto with simple yet powerful tools.
      1. continue to strengthen the feature of copy trading
      • To continue strengthening the feature of copy trading, Bitget plans to attract more elite traders to share their strategies by offering incentives and rewards. Additionally, Bitget will explore more advanced AI technologies to enhance the accuracy and reliability of the copy trading function.
      • We will also develop more features revolving around copy trading, and right now we have Bitget Insights and Strategy Plaza, working together to provide an advancing copy trading experience.
      1. go beyond derivatives
      • As Bitget seeks to go beyond derivatives, the exchange plans to explore new business models and expand the range of services. Bitget is also making a push in its spot trading with a series of coin listings of hot trending tokens and the restart of Bitget Launchpad.
      • Bitget dives into Web3 by introducing innovative products that combine the best of CeFi and DeFi. Bitget launched MegaSwap in December 2022, an advanced DeFi aggregator that gathers liquidity from the top 10 DEXs, allowing users to swap between over 10,000 coins for the best price and lowest fee.
      1. leverage sponsorship to do more education and CSR in crypto
      • To enhance crypto adoption and change the public’s negative perception of cryptocurrencies, Bitget has established high-profile partnerships with credible names like Lionel Messi, and other reputable organizations. These partnerships serve as powerful tools that increase awareness of Bitget‘s platform and help introduce crypto to a broader audience. By leveraging the influence of these partners, Bitget is better positioned to attract new users and achieve its goal of becoming a top cryptocurrency exchange.
      • Bitget plans to expand its education and CSR initiatives in the crypto space. This may include educational programs for new users, sponsorships for crypto-related events and conferences, and charitable donations to organizations working to promote financial inclusion through cryptocurrencies.

      How have you adapted to these swift changes in the industry?

      The cryptocurrency market is constantly evolving, driven by technological advancements and innovative ideas. As we look ahead to the next 12 months, there are several key developments and trends that we expect to action. From the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) to the expansion of Bitget‘s offerings and the potential of Token Incentivised Physical Infrastructure Networks (TI-PIN), the crypto industry is poised for significant growth and transformation.
      1. The Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Crypto Market:
      Artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionize the cryptocurrency industry, offering improved efficiency, enhanced security, and intelligent management. Bitget tried using ChatGPT to handle routine customer inquiries. Initially, we were impressed by its proficiency in analyzing and compiling the information. However, as we delved into more complex queries, the cracks began to show. AI tools like ChatGPT are powerful tools that, when used responsibly and in conjunction with human expertise, can significantly enhance crypto trading experience. While Bitget currently utilizes automated features to enhance customer service, the integration of AI will be explored further.
      1. Expansion of Bitget‘s Ecosystem
       Bitget aims to become one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges globally, focusing on strengthening its copy trading feature and going beyond derivatives, as well as to expand its ecosystem. To achieve this, Bitget acquired multichain wallet, BitKeep, and launched a series of partnership to co-develop the ecosystem with potential blockchain startups. Additionally, Bitget seeks to expand its range of services, such as spot trading, coin listings, and innovative products that combine the best of CeFi and DeFi. By bridging the gap between centralised and decentralised finance, Bitget aims to provide user-centric tools that grant equal access to the blockchain-based future.
      1. Leveraging Sponsorships for Education and CSR projects:
      Bitget recognises the importance of education and corporate social responsibility (CSR) in promoting crypto adoption and changing public perceptions. Through strategic partnerships with influential figures and reputable organisations like Lionel Messi and Juventus Football Club, Bitget aims to increase mainstream awareness and introduce cryptocurrencies to a wider audience. In addition to sponsorship initiatives, Bitget plans to expand its education programs, support crypto-related events and conferences, and contribute to charitable organisations promoting financial inclusion through cryptocurrencies.
      1. The Potential of Token Incentivised Physical Infrastructure Networks (TI-PIN):
      As the world shifts toward a more decentralised and digital economy, TI-PIN holds great potential to revolutionise our interaction with the physical world. By combining token incentivisation with the token economy of DeFi, TI-PIN projects can bring innovation and change to real-world interactions. This opens up new possibilities for crypto development and attracts non-crypto audiences, expanding the market and driving demand. While challenges exist, such as infrastructure costs and competition, Bitget remains committed to supporting excellent projects in the TI-PIN space and monitoring their progress closely.

      Balancing financial inclusion in terms of risk for traditional, retail and institutional investors

      In order to promote the universality of Web3 finance while balancing the risks for traditional, retail, and institutional investors, we need to carefully consider several factors:
      1. Investor Education: Educating investors of all types to understand the risks associated with different investment choices is crucial. Promoting financial literacy programs and enhancing investors’ understanding of risk empower them to make informed decisions.
      2. Investor Protection: Strengthening investor protection mechanisms such as dispute resolution systems and regulatory oversight is essential. Establishing safeguards against fraudulent activities ensures fair treatment of investors within the Web3 financial ecosystem.
      3. Risk Disclosure: Ensuring transparency of investment products and services is important. Conducting thorough evaluations of listed assets and informing investors about the level of risk through sector-based management is vital. Additionally, designing diverse financial derivatives that cater to various risk preferences of users is beneficial.
      4. Due Diligence: Conducting thorough due diligence on listed assets is crucial to prevent situations where users’ assets are compromised due to counterparty risks.
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