Coincub Unveils the Largest Global Database on VASPs and DASPs

VASP Database

The comprehensive database of 3,000+ licensed Virtual/Digital Asset Service Providers (VASPs/DASPs) from 39 countries

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, June 12, 2023/ — As the SEC pursues prominent crypto exchanges like Coinbase and Binance, the question arises: where will these exchanges turn their focus next? Coincub’s comprehensive VASP database provides insights into the countries where these exchanges hold registrations, offering a quick glance at their overlapping and differing areas of presence. Moreover, the database casts a wider net to map global exchanges that hold registrations in two or more countries, adding another dimension to this complex landscape

This database caters to a range of professionals, including those in business development working within the Web3 ecosystem who require a list of regulated clients. Additionally, financial analysts, investors, venture capitalists, educators, and journalists can use this data to substantiate their messages, making the VASP database an essential tool for anyone seeking to understand the current and future directions of the global cryptocurrency market.

Canada has offered clear licensing agreements for VASPs […] However, the lack of a global standard in naming conventions for digital asset regulation adds to the complexity of compliance efforts.”

— Selva Ozelli

Constructed using data sourced from public websites of financial regulators between March and April 2023, the database provides a unique perspective on the current status of crypto licensing. It demonstrates Canada and Lithuania’s leading roles, with 1254 and 694 licenses respectively, while also revealing Europe’s dominance in the sector with 1577 licenses granted across 20 countries​1​​2​.

The findings challenge conventional narratives, positioning Europe as the central hub for the crypto world. This contrasts with the usual focus on the US, Middle East, or Asia, and is further supported by data in the upcoming Blockchain Jobs reports and Coincub’s Crypto Banks report.

The database is available in an XLSX format, featuring 3075 entries that include critical details such as the entity, company, main crypto license type, regulating entity, country, and region​2​.

Coincub‘s database sheds light on the disparities in VASP registration approaches worldwide, alongside the lack of a standardized naming system for cryptocurrency licensing. This highlights the potential challenges for businesses and individuals navigating this space​1​​.

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