AMINA Bank Crowned the World’s Best Crypto Bank, says

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Crypto Banking Map 2024
  • AMINA Bank (formerly SEBA Bank) tops global crypto banking with unmatched innovation and services. Kraken Bank and Bakkt complete the podium.
  • Europe leads in adopting crypto banking, followed by North America, Asia, and South and Central America.
  • The approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs in the US marks a significant milestone in legitimizing Bitcoin as an institutional-grade investment vehicle. This attracts a diverse investor base in the traditional finance (TradFi)sector.

In a groundbreaking analysis conducted by Coincub, AMINA Bank has been awarded the prestigious title of the World’s Best Crypto Bank, followed closely by industry giants Kraken Financial and Bakkt. This accolade highlights AMINA’s innovative approach to integrating traditional banking with the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies. Over the years, AMINA has demonstrated its commitment to offering unmatched services, catering to the needs of retail and institutional clients globally.

The ranking highlights AMINA Bank’s pioneering efforts in regulatory compliance, security, and the broad spectrum of crypto financial services. AMINA has set a benchmark for excellence in the crypto banking industry. Kraken Financial and Bakkt’s commendable positions reinforce the competitive landscape, where traditional financial mechanisms and digital asset management converge to redefine the banking landscape.

As the first comprehensive analysis, the report highlights Europe as the leader in crypto banking adoption, followed by North America, Asia, and South and Central America. It also notes the U.S. approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs as a pivotal moment that has attracted a diverse investor base and legitimized Bitcoin as an institutional-grade investment vehicle.

The report investigates the increased interest in decentralized finance (DeFi) products among financial institutions, leveraging blockchain technology’s benefits. Other report highlights include the growing momentum towards adopting Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), stablecoins, and tokenization, as well as key trends, opportunities, and challenges facing the sector.

The document features insights into the global crypto banking landscape, ranking the top global crypto banks and their innovative approaches in blending traditional financial offerings with crypto-specific solutions. It further explores the crucial role of technological advancements, regulatory developments, and the DeFi sector in driving the integration of digital and traditional finance.

Konstantin Shulga, CEO @ Finery Markets
“A renewed spate of interest surrounding digital assets is currently leading to a closer connection between the blockchain economy and traditional finance. However, the fragmented nature of the crypto market presents challenges in terms of making it more accessible for investment and banking institutions. As an ECN serving clients in 30 countries, we are seeing a growing interest in capitalizing on this momentum. Still, there is also a demand for more institutionalized and matured services from crypto-native infrastructure. This report improves the connection between crypto and traditional banking services.”

As 2024 promises to be a turning point for crypto banking, the report underscores the importance of embracing white-label cryptocurrency banking solutions and navigating the evolving digital asset market. AMINA Bank leads the revolution in financial services, bridging the gap between conventional banking and the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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