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Pathways to Regulating Crypto-Assets: Embracing a Global Approach

Introduction  In an era where Decentralized Ledger Technology (DLT) is reshaping financial interactions, the regulation of crypto-assets demands a nuanced and globally coordinated approach. As the leader of the Institute of Key Individuals, I aim to explore the complexities and opportunities presented by this transformative technology, particularly in the realm of crypto-assets.  The Transformative Nature […]

2 weeks ago
Principles for Regulating Crypto Assets and Service Providers in South Africa

Introduction  As the crypto asset landscape evolves, so does the need for robust regulation. South Africa has been at the forefront of developing principles for regulating crypto assets and Crypto Asset Service  Providers (CASPs). As the leader of the Institute of Key Individuals, I aim to shed light on these principles and their implications for […]

2 weeks ago
Deciphering the Taxonomy of Crypto Assets: Implications for the Tax Economy

Introduction  In the burgeoning world of digital finance, understanding the taxonomy of crypto assets is crucial for both regulatory and tax implications. As the CEO of the Institute of Key Individuals, I’ve explored the diverse categories of crypto assets and their potential impact on the tax economy.  Crypto Asset Categories: A Broad Overview  The categorization […]

2 weeks ago
Crypto and blockchain – a new start for Africa

Crypto and blockchain – a new start for Africa? A look at 3 African Bitcoin investment hubs With rapid development across the continent, Africa might just become the next Bitcoin investment hub. Crypto adoption across the continent swelled to 1200% in 2021. Several African governments are opening their doors to crypto and blockchain usage. Africa […]

2 years ago

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