Q3 2021 Global Crypto Rank

Coincub.Com’s Top Twenty Crypto Countries – New Research Reveals the United States Leads In Influencing Global Crypto Economy

The world has developed an insatiable appetite for all things crypto. After years of inaction, governments across the globe are scrambling to integrate cryptocurrencies through aggressive legislation. Which countries are taking the lead in 2021 and delineating crypto’s role in the world’s financial systems?

Coincub.com’s Top 20 list uses 18 ranking criteria to identify the trendsetters that are shaping crypto’s future.

  • UK ranks 5th in the global crypto economy indicating opportunities for the “crypto-curious”
  • Trends indicate that US, Canada, and Singapore take the lead as economic influencers
  • Coincub’s analysts present a holistic view for investors with qualitative data

Coincub’s analytical approach integrates quantitative and qualitative data to create a holistic review.  Coincub chief executive Sergiu Hamza writes that “most crypto rankings out there deal with quantitative criteria, such as search stats or the number of bitcoin ATMs available. But we go further – we look at the whole scene including legislation, tax, institutional stance, and social outlook.” Just like the crypto economy, Coincub’s ranking criteria constantly evolves and adapts.

Coincub.com is designed to be a resource for the crypto-curious. If you want to know where to go or what to expect, Coincub.com is there to help. It’s uniquely situated for use on a country-by-country basis so visitors can see the crypto situation in their country. Most online crypto advice tends to be US-centric, often leaving visitors to read between the lines for their own country and situation. This can be discouraging and confusing for non-professional investors and crypto first-timers. Offering visitors a clear, objective view of the crypto economy in their country is a unique selling point for the site.

Whether you want a no-holds-barred review of popular exchanges or an overview of bitcoin taxation in Germany, Coincub.com has what you’re looking for.


Editors’ Notes

Coincub.com offers bespoke information, guidance, and analysis on the workings of the crypto economy for both new and experienced crypto investors on a uniquely country-by-country basis. Full country rankings and exchange rates can be found on the website

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