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Never say die: The Lazarus Group renews attacks on Web3

The hack On the morning of June 24th, hackers stole $100 million in Ether (ETH), Tether (USDT) Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) and BNB from the Horizon bridge. The bridge allowed users to transfer assets between the Horizon blockchain and other blockchains. The stolen cryptocurrency was immediately converted to ETH via Uniswap, a popular decentralized exchange (DEX). […]

6 months ago
Ransomware as a service – a major crypto industry

Ransomware is big business. The Chainalysis 2022 Crime Report estimated that in 2020, $692 million in ransoms were paid. In 2021, the conservative estimate is $602 million. The ransomware economy is diverse – approximately 140 ransomware strains received payment in 2021. Ransom amounts have also increased. In 2021, average payments were $118,000, up from $88,000 […]

6 months ago
How big is crypto fraud, really?

In the wake of the Blockchain and Crypto breaking into the mainstream, potential opportunities for crypto crime have grown exponentially. The last five years have seen a number of instances of large scale crypto crime, including but not limited to: The OneCoin Ponzi Scheme which conned investors out of €5 billion Euros The Colonial Pipeline […]

7 months ago
Safety first!

Bitcoin related scams are on the rise. Where there are large concentrations of money, there is crime. As you get started, it’s difficult to tell what’s legit and what’s not. When money is riding on your ability to assess threats, things get stressful. We’ve compiled a list of common hacks and scams to look out […]

9 months ago

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