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How to create an NFT work of art in 6 easy steps

If you are an ‘investor’ looking to get a fast return then you are about one year late. But if you are interested in art and the web3 potential of NFTs, and the role they might play then you probably have the interest to read on. Regular auction houses like Christie’s have held NFT art […]

3 weeks ago
Top ten ways to earn cryptocurrency right now’s latest ranking shows you the top ten ways to earn cryptocurrency…interested? Buying cryptocurrency is simple, but what about earning it? As the crypto industry develops, more and more people are eager to get compensated in cryptocurrency for their work. We look at the top ten best ways you can currently earn cryptocurrency – and […]

3 weeks ago
Pleix interview and the future of NFTs

Even if you haven’t heard of French collective Pleix, you’ve likely already seen their work. The seven-person collective has collaborated with brands such as Heineken, Toyota, Amnesty, and Sony. Pleix recently celebrated their 20-year anniversary. It’s hard enough to get two creatives to work together – getting 7 multidisciplinary people to work together for 20 […]

1 month ago
Why crypto market is down today: August 2022

It is not only in the crypto scene that things look wobbly. The world is in dire straits as inflation soars, recession looms, interest rate spikes, stock markets collapse, and living costs bite hard. All this adds up to a full-fledged bear market, marred with declining economic growth and continuous crypto market crashing.  Why is […]

2 months ago
Crypto and blockchain – a new start for Africa

Crypto and blockchain – a new start for Africa? A look at 3 African Bitcoin investment hubs With rapid development across the continent, Africa might just become the next Bitcoin investment hub. Crypto adoption across the continent swelled to 1200% in 2021. Several African governments are opening their doors to crypto and blockchain usage. Africa […]

3 months ago

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