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The UK – blowing hot and cold on crypto

Recent reports of the death of crypto appear to be greatly exaggerated, especially in the UK where, despite dire warnings of a crypto meltdown, the […]


Fidelity in Wonderland

The investment giant Fidelity launched a Metaverse outpost in Decentraland in April  The move was calculated to bring attention to two new ETFs: the Metaverse […]


Crypto fraud – or just fraud?

In the wake of the Blockchain and Crypto breaking into the mainstream, potential opportunities for crypto crime have grown exponentially.  The last five years have […]


US Regulation Roundup

Summary President Biden’s executive order paves the way for full integration of crypto into the US financial system  The SEC has promised greater crackdowns on […]


Are crypto-backed mortgages the future?

Once upon a time, sub-prime mortgages were the bright, new kids on the block…and we all know what happened there. Now, some 20 years on […]


Bitcoin ATMs – A passing trend?

TLDR Remember when crypto was still niche and there was a need for ATMs to buy assets such as Bitcoin? Of course you do. Indeed, […]


Is Bitcoin going mainstream?

Bitcoin – the crypto that came in from the cold. Despite the dramatic price falls in Bitcoin at the tail end of 2021, Germany is […]


How to make money in the metaverse

A new era of virtual reality is here; the metaverse. It is an evolution of the internet that has created a virtual space for people […]


How to invest in the metaverse

It is rare to be talking so specifically about something that doesn’t yet exist.  That is the situation in which we find ourselves when talking […]


How is crypto taxed in the United States

When cryptocurrency was in its infancy, there were very few rules around how it should be taxed or whether it should be taxed at all. […]

Global Crypto Ranking categories for Q1 2022

Germany takes the top spot in the latest Q1 international crypto ranking guide for 2022

Summary After months of intensive research, the Coincub Global Crypto Ranking is out for Q1 2022. Here’s our tl:dr of the most relevant developments:  The […]

Social Impact of Metaverse

What will be the social impact of the metaverse

The metaverse has the potential to have the same level of impact as the advent of the internet itself some decades ago. From economic, political, […]

Future of NFTs

NFT forecast

Ever since they hit the stratosphere in 2021, NFTs have been inescapable, both online and off. Like other online trends, NFTs change quickly. Development is […]


Exploring the technologies that will power the metaverse

Defining the technologies of a phenomenon that doesn’t yet exist is a tricky business.  It means settling on a fairly broad definition of what the […]


The birth of Metacubs and the future of NFTs

Deep in the trenches of art and design – we know what we want to do (save the world)  This is our promise for next […]

What is the metaverse?

What is the metaverse?

Sometimes when things come along that are brand new and generating quite a buzz, like the metaverse, it’s often as useful to know what they […]


Inflation and Bitcoin – what does it mean for the daily shop?

BITCOIN – FULL FAT OR SEMI-SKIMMED? Inflation is once again becoming the bogeyman of western economies, the Bitcoin price has nearly halved, interest rates are […]


NFT 101

Why are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) such a big deal? When do you need to use them in your own applications? Is it possible to think […]


2021 in review: NFTs

What year did cryptocurrency indelibly enter mainstream consciousness? Something magical happened in 2017. One day, it seemed like cryptocurrency was everywhere. This was during the […]


The definitive Crypto Country Ranking Guide for 2021 Q4!

The Coincub Global Crypto Ranking: see where your country is at the end of 2021 2021 has been another compelling year for crypto trading and […]


Bitcoin in the real world

In this section, we’ll walk you through how to use your Bitcoin, whether as a currency or an investment, without breaking any laws. We’ll go […]


What in the name of God is a blockchain

Blockchains are distributed ledger technology. In this section, we’ll go over what that means, discuss the benefits and drawbacks of blockchain-based applications, and outline how […]


Safety first!

Bitcoin related scams are on the rise. Where there are large concentrations of money, there is crime. As you get started, it’s difficult to tell […]


Getting started with Bitcoin

In this section, we’ll go over everything you need to know to get started with Bitcoin. We’ll cover buying and storing bitcoin, basic security tips, […]


What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin 101 and a brief history

Bitcoin 101 In this section, we’ll give you a very quick and dirty overview of Bitcoin, introducing the important concepts so that you have a […]


How do Bitcoin wallets work?

Bitcoin, and all other forms of cryptocurrency, are based on a branch of science called cryptography. Cryptography is a vast discipline with a very rich […]


An Abridged History of Exchange Hacks

In this book, we’ve cautioned against holding large amounts of money in online exchanges. The reasoning behind that has a long and storied history of […]


Bitcoin: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good Deflationary Inflation, or the decline in the purchasing power of most currencies, is something we’re all unfortunately familiar with. Over time, the same […]


Crypto Exchanges

Finding the right exchange is important and we want to make sure you have the necessary tools and information to make the best decision for […]


Coincub’s Global Crypto Ranking Q3 2021

Love them, hate them, or simply don’t understand them – whatever your stance is, cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technologies that support them are here to […]


New to crypto? Here’s our guide!

FAQ Image #1 01 Why Bitcoin? It seems like the buzz around Bitcoin just keeps growing. Bitcoin is a constantly evolving technology with a passionate community. What is it about the digital asset that makes it such a controversial topic and attractive investment?
FAQ Image #2 02 How to Get Started with Bitcoin It can be difficult to get past the technical jargon surrounding bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies in order to figure out how you can buy and store them. Beginners can purchase Bitcoin, for example, on many exchanges using fiat currency like U.S. Dollar, Euro or British Pound.
FAQ Image #3 03 Blockchains 101 Blockchains are a type of database where data is stored in blocks that are chained together. As new data comes in, it is entered into a block, which is then chained to the previous block. The Bitcoin blockchain serves as a ledger that records every Bitcoin transaction in history.
FAQ Image #4 04 Bitcoin in the Real World Ok - you’ve found an exchange, bought your Bitcoin, and stored it safely. What’s next? By now you can buy just about anything with Bitcoin if you try hard enough, from Amazon gift cards to an old master painting. You can also convert your BTC to fiat with ATMs, an exchange, and more.

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