Dojima Network’s game-changing cross-chain wallet – launching August 11th

Dojima Network, the fast-growing blockchain technology services group is set to launch a groundbreaking cross-chain wallet able to accommodate and interact with tokens on different chains. 

The Dojima wallet, however, is not to be compared with multi-chain wallets found on hot exchanges that accommodate the tokens of various blockchains. Dojima’s wallet is unique in that it provides easy functionality for transfer, swap, and cross-chain protocol interaction with coins to and from entirely different blockchains. For example, with the Dojima wallet, developers can use Solana tokens on the Ethereum blockchain without wrapping them, a necessity common in existing cross-chain platforms.

The wallet, launching this August 11th, is the latest of a number of innovative cross-chain products from Dojima which has also been working flat out over the past year building its investor and user community. In addition to the launch of the cross-chain wallet, the group is currently designing a Dappstore and building interface contracts for all the major protocols on all chains. 

Central to the group vision of ‘unity chain’ technology is the Dojima Network platform which features multi-layer architecture – consisting of Hermes, and DojimaChain Layers. The group has been developing and refining its products to provide seamless cross-chain potential around the world. 

Dojima’s cross-chain infrastructure allows developers to access liquidity from all other chains and interact with different protocols. Users can thus access independent blockchains directly from their smart contracts and further develop their own individualized cross-chain decentralized applications going forward. Central to the concept is an open and programmable platform where different ‘dApps’ from different chains can be created with their individual functionalities being concluded by each developer. 

The Hermes chain layer is responsible for managing native token liquidity from all blockchains, including staking management, slashing mechanisms, and fee collection. The DojimaChain layer is where assets, NFT, and ‘dApps’ from all the connected chains meet and is powered by a decentralized network of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) validators. 

The Dojima Community

Dojima’s founders and technology team formulated and designed the architecture required for its minimum viable product MVP and demoed it on Arweave Open Web Foundry. The group also formed a partnership with Verto exchange and other profit-sharing communities in the Arweave ecosystem. The dApps onboarding campaign was implemented to attract developers into the Dojima Network cross-chain platform to showcase its features.  

Part of Dojima’s successful overall campaign to grow its community includes incentives for developers to deploy their own decentralized applications onto the Dojima network infrastructure. There are also monthly rewards for top-performing development teams along with wider support for remaining teams with Dojima tokens.

Key dates: Dojima Network’s cross-chain wallet is now formally launching this August (Q3 2022) for its testnet, with a subsequent mainnet launch scheduled for the first quarter of 2023. Read the full article HERE.


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