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    Inter Milan’s Connection to the Crypto World

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      These days, it is not unusual for sports brands to have some connection to the crypto industry or blockchain as a whole. From clips of major games being sold as NFTs to companies releasing their own crypto assets, the sports world has caught the crypto fever. 

      One sports brand that has a surprising history with the crypto industry is the football club Inter Milan. Fans may be surprised to hear that the company has had some controversies with regard to its crypto endeavors but also offers a lot of benefits to fans using blockchain technology. 

      Like many sports clubs these days, Inter Milan entered into a sponsorship agreement with a crypto firm. Both it and fellow club Roma received a shirt sponsorship from DigiBits and had the company’s logos on their jerseys. But even though the deal was worth $94 million when it was signed in 2021, they ran into some problems. 

      More specifically, DigitBits failed to make the required payments to maintain the sponsorship agreement. Both companies eventually abandoned the sponsorship, took the company logo off their jerseys, and began looking for new sponsors earlier this year. 


      Inter Milan

      While this deal didn’t work out as planned, Inter Milan has not abandoned its crypto ambitions. In fact, the club launched its own Inter Milan Fan Token back in 2021 through an initial Fan Token Offering. And this fan token comes with several benefits for holders. Those who have the token can vote on certain decisions being made by the club such as picking theme songs. On top of this, holders can get the opportunity to meet players or get upgraded VIP treatment when they watch games at stadiums. As of this article, the Inter Milan Fan Token goes for $2.28 per unit and continues to be popular among fans. 

      Additionally, it is worth remembering that fans who want to engage with the club can always bet on the outcome of games with cryptocurrency. There are many crypto betting sites that allow you to bet on a plethora of games, including football and, of course, Inter Milan. The latest updates on sites that accept crypto in business2community.com show just how many of these platforms now exist, and they’re only going to become more popular as an increasing number of fans start using crypto.

      To place your bets, you don’t have to own the Inter Milan Fan Token. Instead, you can bet with any crypto that you want and however you want. Sports betting has existed for decades at this point but the use of crypto makes it easier for fans of Inter Milan and other clubs to have their needs met. 

      So far, sports clubs have benefited from an association with cryptocurrency. While Inter Milan’s deal with DigitBits did not pan out as planned, there are still many sports teams having successful sponsorship relationships with crypto companies. On top of this, the fan token helps the club become closer to fans and create a mutually beneficial relationship. 

      And we can’t forget about crypto sports betting and how it helps fans profit off their predictions of game outcomes. For Inter Milan and others, we can expect a long and fruitful relationship with crypto. 

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