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    Five benefits of anonymity as a crypto gambler

    Five benefits of anonymity as a crypto gambler
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      Crypto casinos offer many benefits over fiat-centric gambling platforms, such as transaction speed and greater payment reliability. Among their list of exciting features, anonymity is one of the most highly sought-after by online gamblers. Why is anonymity such a prized feature? Here are five compelling that highlight its significance for you as a crypto gambler:

      Prevention of identity theft

      Most users of online services will agree that anonymity is the best solution against identity theft. There’s no personal information that can be stolen if you don’t share it in the first place. However, most betting sites require your data like name, contact details, and billing address as well as documents that can verify your identity. Online crypto casinos don’t always require this which makes them more popular among gamblers. 

      You can generally trust brands never to disclose your personal information. They can give you confidentiality to protect you from identity theft so you’re safe but not as safe as when you’re completely anonymous. If their site gets hacked, your info could be at risk. 

      Lessened risks of being targeted for fraud

      Identity theft is the worst-case scenario when your personal information is leaked, but it’s a crime that you can easily solve when reported to the right authorities. There is another crime that relies on your information but isn’t as dangerous as identity theft, and that’s being exposed to fraudulent actors. 

      They only need your contact information that you surrendered to a website, like a casino, and reach you through that with a scam. Some of them are spam emails while others are false claims of an issue with your account that you must address. They can be easy to dismiss but they’re relentless so limiting who can see your email means lessening their appearance in your inbox. 

      Smoother transactions because of simpler validation

      Fiat payment can experience delays because of validation issues. Sometimes, they happen because you haven’t updated your personal information after an arbitrarily long time. They can also happen if you try updating your data but not other services linked to your bank account. 

      Crypto forgoes this because scanning wallet addresses and transaction history is much simpler in the blockchain. All validation processes are autonomous and the data for every block is updated with every transaction. Transactions can slow down by minutes because of network traffic but it will never be delayed because of verification errors. 

      Borderless access or minimal region limit

      Blockchain payment is borderless because there is no regional division between nodes. Every user is anonymous so there is no need for billing or tax addresses between users every time you deposit crypto to play crypto casino games. This fact is especially useful if you’re playing at an offshore casino. With no concerns about remittance costs, you can enjoy seamless transactions regardless of your location. 

      Complete privacy for your finances

      Everyone can appreciate privacy and the top crypto casino sites give you that right through anonymity. Even if they are secure, some people are uneasy about the possibility of company employees having access to their transaction history. As an anonymous user, you can rest easy knowing that there is nobody who can know any tiny detail of your identity. 

      This is due to the decentralised nature of blockchain technology. Your transaction details are recorded on a public ledger. Instead of associating your details, it is linked to a unique alphanumeric address called ‘wallet address’ which is generated randomly. 

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