Sustainably Investing in Digital Assets Globally

  • Environmental sustainability and blockchain technology
  • Government initiatives
  • CBDCs
  • NFTs

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  • Environmental sustainability and blockchain technology
  • Government initiatives
  • CBDCs
  • NFTs

About the book

Discover how to dip your toe into the cryptocurrency investing pool without getting burned

In Sustainably Investing in Digital Assets Globally, international finance and fintech expert Selva Ozelli delivers an eye-opening and insightful discussion of cryptocurrency investment, as well as the risks and opportunities that await those who deal in this promising new technology. In the book, the author explores how cryptocurrencies have been used by illicit operators throughout the US and the world and how legitimate investors have sought to limit their exposure to illegal activity.

Readers will also find comprehensive treatments of US-based and global cryptocurrency regulations, as well as:

  • Advice for investors concerned about the environmental sustainability of blockchain technology but who still wish to invest in cryptocurrencies
  • Information about a variety of countries and governments who have explored and implemented various cryptocurrency initiatives inside their own borders
  • Discussions surrounding the drive by many central banks to introduce a digital currency, in addition to the surging popularity of non-fungible tokens

A can’t-miss handbook for the crypto-curious investor, Sustainably Investing in Digital Assets Globally deserves a place in the bookshelves of anyone with an interest in international finance, fintech, technology, or cryptocurrency.

About the author

Selva Ozelli (New York, New York)

Selva Ozelli (New York, New York) is an environmentalist who expresses this sentiment as an author, artist, international tax attorney and certified public accountant. Her first of its kind legal analyses involving tax laws, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), blockchain technology have been published in journals, books and by the OECD. Her writings have been translated in to 33 languages (Arabic, Bengali, Burmese, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, Farsi, French, Galician, German, Greek, Gujarati, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Lithuanian, Malayalam, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Urdu, Vietnamese) and republished in over 200 publications globally and cited in blockchain industry authoritative papers. Selva is also an award-winning artist who has launched her first NFT on a sustainable platform DoinGud to fund United Nations SDG 17 organizations.


From the Back Cover


“A comprehensive must-read for anyone interested in international finance, fintech, NFT/blockchain technology, or cryptocurrencies.”
—YIFAN HE, CEO, Red Date Technologies; Executive Director, BSN Development Association

“Few industries are as full of myths and misconceptions as blockchains and digital assets. Selva’s diverse experience around the industry uniquely equips her to sort fact from fiction to educate a wide range of readers.”
—EMIN GÜN SIRER, Founder and CEO, Avalanche

“Selva offers insight to global digital asset investors on making sustainable, legally compliant and tax efficient investments in the burgeoning crypto economy.”

Table of content

About the Author
PART I – Digital Asset Utilization and Regulation in the United States
Chapter 1 – About Bitcoin
Chapter 2 – Ethereum
Chapter 3 – Initial Coin Offerings
Chapter 4 – New Financial Alternatives
Chapter 5 – Hedging Bitcoins with Options on the World Wide Web
Chapter 6 – Cryptocurrency Spreads
Chapter 7 – Altcoin, Stablecoin, Utility Coins, and CBDC
Chapter 8 – Cryptocurrency Tumblers and Mixing Services
Chapter 9 – The Darknet
Chapter 10 – Illicit Use of Cryptocurrencies
Chapter 11 – Cybercrime Task Force
Chapter 12 – Money Laundering
Chapter 13 – Theft Hacking and Ransom Payments
Chapter 14 – Cryptocurrency Bribes
Chapter 15 – Corruption
Chapter 16 – US Tax Evasion
Chapter 17 – Intellectual Property Espionage and Cryptocurrency
Chapter 18 – The US Government Implements Blockchain Programs to Improve Transparency and Inefficiency
Chapter 19 – Supply Chain Management with Blockchain Amid the Covid Pandemic
Chapter 20 – Are NFTs Here to Stay?
Chapter 21 – Regulation of Digital Assets
PART II – Digital Asset Utilization and Regulation Around the World
Chapter 22 – Portugal
Chapter 23 – Netherlands
Chapter 24 – South Africa
Chapter 25 – Switzerland
Chapter 26 – Israel
Chapter 27 – South Korea
Chapter 28 – Brazil
Chapter 29 – Canada
Chapter 30 – Malta
Chapter 31 – Germany
Chapter 32 – The United Arab Emirates
Chapter 33 – Turkey
Chapter 34 – Singapore
Chapter 35 – Puerto Rico
Part III – Solarized Around the World
Chapter 36 – Is US Environmental Tax Policy Hindering Solar Power to Fuel Digital Technologies?
Chapter 37 –Japan to Solarize Its Burgeoning Digital Economy
Chapter 38 – Green Policy and Crypto Energy Consumption in the EU
Chapter 39 –Chinese Blockchain-Based Mobile Payment Revolution
Chapter 40 –India Is Fostering a Solarized Digital Future
Chapter 41 –Russia Leads Multinational Stablecoin Initiative
Chapter 42 – Africa’s Solarized Digitalization Agenda in the Time of Coronavirus
Chapter 43 – The Need to Report Carbon Emissions Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic
Chapter 44 – The Pandemic Year Ends with a Tokenized Carbon Cap-and-Trade Solution
Chapter 45 – The UN’s COP26 Climate Change Goals Include Emerging Tech and Carbon Taxes

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Sustainably Investing in Digital Assets Globally Selva Ozelli (New York, New York)

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